Smart Water Level Controller
Home Automation Devices

Ensure Water In Your Tank, Always!

 Most advanced technology to smartly automate water tank mangement
 Start pump automatically when water level is low
 Stop pump automatically when tank is filled
 Stop pump automatically when water is not available(Dry run protection)
 ON/OFF timer for pump as per municipal water supply
 Non-contact ultrasonic sensor for accurate water-level measurement
 Hassle-free installation and mobile app based configuration
 Whatsapp based customer support integrated in mobile app
 One year full replacement warranty

Home Automation Devices


 Real time water level display on mobile app
 Emergency alerts when water level is very low
 Pump health data on cloud for remote fault diagnostics
 Review activity history of pump ON/OFF using the mobbile app
 Daily water usage reports on email
 Switch ON pump from anywhere in the world

Price ₹7490

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3 Phase Starter Attachment

Upto 3HP Load
MRP: ₹2,990

Connect tankbolt to your 3 Phase water pumps with this accessory. Supports upto a load of 3 HP

Single Phase Starter Attachment

Upto 1HP load
MRP: ₹2,990

Connect tankbolt to your single Phase starter-run water pumps with this accessory. Supports upto a load of 1 HP

10m wire extension

For tall buildings
MRP: ₹199

Tankbolt comes with a 30m connector cable. If you need a longer cable, go for this extension